Despieces by Violeta Lvare – Proyecto Nueve

Electronic sketches, geometric and symbolic constructions and deconstructions.
Despieces was created in After Effects with Trap Code. The pack is presented in black & white to compose different colours and combine it by using any VJ software. Mix figures and backgrounds and generate incredible sets !!
*All loops in DXV3 folder contain alpha channel.

38 HD video loops
1920 x 1080 – 29.97 FPS Apple ProRes / H.264 / DXV3 – Access to all codecs

Proyecto Nueve /

Proyecto Nueve is an integral proposal of stage-technique, lighting design, audiovisual and scenarios for massive shows with extensive experience in the scene. Integrated by Johnny Pozo (lights and production) and Violeta Lvare (visual and audiovisual) who develop stage design projects based in Buenos Aires-Argentina for more than 7 years and merged in this project in 2017.