Geometric Space by Motus Lumina

3D landscapes, abstract 3D geometry, particles and asteroids from outer space! This pack was compiled from the early generative QC works of Motus.Lumina and remixed with VDMX VJ software.
The pack has a hue color shading that works perfectly with built-in hue effect of any VJ software. Pick your color and enjoy your space travel with this HD video loop pack.

45 seamless HD video loops
1920 x 1080 – 60 FPS Apple ProRes

Geometric Space por Motus.Lumina


Motus Lumina /

Motus Lumina is an Istanbul-based design collective working on visual programming, stage design, VJing, animation, interactive design, video mapping, audio-visual installations, and music. Since February 2015, the studio has been producing audiovisual projects for artists, musicians, festivals, and art collectives from all over the world.
Motus Lumina’s main objective is to create audio-visual spaces and instruments by using real-time audio-visual tools.