N.E.O.N. 95 by Visual Dealer

Spheres, triangles, circles, squares, capsules, and lines. All with red and blue neon lights !! This pack has 95 geometric animations made with Cinema 4D. If you like mixing geometrical content, this pack will be your favorite!
*All loops in DXV3 folder contain alpha channel.

95 seamless HD video loops
1280 x 720 – 30 FPS Apple ProRes / H.264 / DXV3 – Access to all codecs


Visual Dealer / https://www.facebook.com/visualdealer.studio/

Visual Dealer is a Buenos Aires-based visual studio dedicated to the experimental application of new tools in the field of visual production and VJing.
Since 2007 Visual Dealer has worked for artistic, educational, cultural and corporate audiovisual projects for cultural events, festivals, theaters, advertising agencies, brands and TV channels. In addition, the studio has made several workshops to support the local VJ scene in Argentina. Visual Dealer is Brand Ambassador of HeavyM Software.