QC Pack 03 by Motus.Lumina

QC Pack 03 is a collection of minimalistic geometrical compositions, particle textures, generative 3D objects and generative 3D textures programmed with Quartz Composer. You can run all the patches with a supported VJ software or with Quartz Composer. Connect and control your visuals with audio, MIDI and OSC signals. It is all real-time!
*QC patches only run on Mac operating systems.

30 Quartz Composer patches (up to 60 presets)
+22 Bonus patches with built-in neon FX
Neon lights, soft tracer and city lights presets for VDMX and CoGe VJ


Motus.Lumina / motuslumina.com

Motus.Lumina is a visual programming studio based in Buenos Aires / Argentina founded by Temel Hüseyin Kuru.
Since 2015, the studio works on visual programming, VJing, stage design, animation, video mapping, audio-visual installations, and music.
Motus.Lumina’s main objective is to create audio-visual spaces and instruments by using real-time audio-visual tools.