QC Pack 02 by Motus Lumina

If you are interested in generative visuals you will love this Free Pack. The pack contains 8 generative Quartz Composer patches and 10 VDMX templates. You don’t have Quartz Composer? No worries, also the pack contains 10 video files made out from those QC patches.

Check out the VDMX presets to see Motus.Lumina’s basic workflow with QC and VDMX and how they use these tools to create generative visuals.
Also check out the mini tutorial on this page to learn how to set up a basic QC & VDMX template to perform BPM responsive and audio-reactive generative visuals.

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*QC patches only run on Mac operating systems.
*Try the VDMX presets with VDMX demo version (has no time limitations or watermarks)

10 Seamless HD video files
1280 x 720 – 60 FPS H.264
8 Quartz Composer patches
10 VDMX presets

Absolutely FREE !!


Motus.Lumina / motuslumina.com

Motus Lumina is an Istanbul-based design collective working on visual programming, stage design, VJing, animation, interactive design, video mapping, audio-visual installations, and music. Since February 2015, the studio has been producing audiovisual projects for artists, musicians, festivals, and art collectives from all over the world.
Motus Lumina’s main objective is to create audio-visual spaces and instruments by using real-time audio-visual tools.